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Chorus Auditions

Baton Rouge Symphony Chorus Auditions

The Mission:
The Baton Rouge Symphony Chorus is comprised of amateur singers who work collectively towards a professional standard of performance in a challenging and broad variety of choral musical masterpieces. To help in achieving that goal, these audition procedures have been adopted to aid in the selection of a body of singers who can produce that standard of excellence in the allotted rehearsal time.

Membership in the Baton Rouge Symphony Chorus is by audition only. The audition consists of four parts, lasts about ten minutes, and is done in the presence of the Chorusmaster and accompanist. The goal of the audition is to identify and ultimately plan for the greatest strengths of the singers and the chorus.

Scheduling an Audition:
Auditions are open by appointment. For more information and to schedule an audition, call Chorusmaster David Shaler, 924-6269, ext.233 or email Monday night rehearsals are at the LSU School of Music, beginning August 11, 2014.

The Audition:
Part 1. Each singer should come prepared to sing a piece of music no longer than 2-2.5 minutes in length. The piece may be a simple hymn or folk song or an accomplished aria (or portion of an aria). It should be chosen carefully to show the vocal strength(s) of the auditioning singer. It should demonstrate your vocal talent at its best. Please bring a copy of the music for the accompanist. It is not necessary for the song to be memorized.

Part 2. Each singer will be asked to sing some simple vocalises so that the range and timbre of the voice may be noted.

Part 3. Each candidate will be asked to sight-read a short piece of music with the assistance of the accompanist. The singer will read one part while all parts are played by the accompanist. Since the rehearsal time is limited, it is important that singers be able to produce rudimentary elements of music by sight and this part of the audition will help the Chorusmaster determine strengths of individual singers which may be used for the most advantageous placement for rehearsal and performance.

Part 4. Each singer will be asked to reproduce a series of pitches to determine tonal memory. This will aid in measuring the singer’s ability to produce accurate pitch.

In addition to the obvious information provided to the Chorusmaster, the audition is intended to provide relevant information regarding pitch, intonation, expression, and the ability to blend.

The audition sheet (to be filled in by each singer) will highlight previous experience by each auditioning singer. In particular, the Chorusmaster will be examining the information for:

  • Individual Voice Training
  • Instrumental Training (band, choir, orchestra)
  • Choral Experience
  • Solo Experience